Optimization of Bacteriophage Production for use in Treatment and Prevention of Bacterial Diseases in Swine

This project will involve research into the optimal production and purification methods for bacteriophages that are effective against bacterial infections in pigs. Cytophage’s bacteriophages will provide a highly effective, environmentally safe, and a cost competitive alternative to antibiotics in the pork industry. This project will benefit Cytophage by helping to advance our technology and product development.

Bacteriophage Endolysin Proteins Development

In response to the antimicrobial resistance crisis, several nations (including Canada, U.S., and Europe) have drastically limited the use of medically important antibiotics for livestock production. As a result, alternative methods must be explored for disease prevention and treatment in animals from bacterial infections. The intern will explore the effects of using toxic proteins that destroy bacteria derived from viruses that only infect and kill bacteria as a plausible alternative. The benefit of this research to Cytophage Technologies Inc.