Synthesis of Three Minor Cannabinoids

The recent legalization of marijuana across the globe has sparked new interest in studying the health benefits of non-psychotropic cannabinoids. The majority of the studies have revolved around cannabidiol as it can readily be isolated in high quantities from hemp. Preliminary medicinal studies into CBD have revealed its promise as a treatment for anxiety, and chronic pain. Encouraged by this success, investigations are now shifting to the minor cannabinoids.

Self-Optimizing Supercritical Fluid Extractor for the Recovery of Cannabinoids

Despite the promise of cannabis containing goods as medicines and consumer products, the lab-intensive and time-consuming extraction process impedes applications of these compounds. Consequently, there is an urgent need to develop more effective extraction methods to access these high-value materials. Carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction is the typical technique to recover cannabinoids from cannabis plants with high levels of enrichment.