iStandardize: Recommendations for Healthcare Form Standardiz

iStandardize is an AI-powered machine learning solution that is designed to streamline the standardization of clinical order sets (i.e., forms) by using machine learning and natural language processing techniques. Currently, hospital networks use multiple versions of forms and order sets, many of them are similar in nature. The lack of standardization poses a challenge in integrating the data for sharing, adds additional documentation burden, and disrupts the workflow for clinicians.

Towards a Theory of Blockchain as a Socio-Informational-Technical System

Blockchains operate as perhaps the most promising system of trust for any type of digital transaction of value -- everything from cryptocurrencies to patient medical records. But a number of barriers -- involving social institutions, data and identity management and technological processes -- stand in the way of broader adoption. These challenges also ultimately speak to fundamental issues of trust and perceived legitimacy on the part of both service providers and their end users.