Breeding and migratory habitat use in Eastern Whip-poor-will in relation to forest management

Understanding how managed and harvested forests can still provide high-quality habitat for forest birds is key to ensuring both productive forestry operations and sustainable bird populations. We propose to use GPS-tracking technology to study how the Eastern Whip-poor-will (Antrostomus vociferus) uses habitat on its Canadian breeding grounds, during migration, and on the wintering grounds. The Whip-poor-will is designated as Threatened in Canada, and the forestry industry is expected to manage operations to protect Whip-poor-will and its habitat.

Techno economic assessment of state-of-art innovative fast pyrolysis solutions in bio-economy processes

The present project will evaluate the techno-economic and environmental performance of an Integrated Biorefinery System that employs an innovative state-of-art fast pyrolysis processes for the production of bio renewable fuels in the bio-economy.

Use of pulp mill residues as construction and geotechnical materials

Heat and electricity generation from biomass combustion in power boilers and co-generation plants produces large quantities of ash residues in British Columbia (BC) each year. In 2013, approximately two thirds of the produced ash were landfilled in Canada and only the remaining one third beneficially utilized. On the other hand, high-quality construction materials are rare in many parts of the world, and most often engineers are forced to seek alternatives to reach the stipulated requirements.

Valorization of surface enhanced pulp fibers into value-added products

Domtar Inc. is investigating potential value-added applications for an advanced fiber they produce, which is referred to as SEPF (surface enhanced pulp fiber). SEPF is a key platform material for the development of new value-added, bio-based products from existing pulp and paper manufacturing sites and their forest based supply chains. The main objective of this work is to use SEPF for the preparation of said value-added products, such as, for example, paper, paperboard, or fiber-reinforced plastics, among others.

Émission de gaz à effet de serre par les sols suite à l’application de cendres de bois dans les érablières estriennes

L’application de composés alcalinisants tels que la chaux ou la cendre est de plus en plus envisagée dans les érablières du Québec afin d’améliorer le statut acide-base du sol et la nutrition des forêts. Il est possible, cependant, que ces composés provoquent un accroissement de l’activité microbienne du sol, ce qui pourrait augmenter la production de gaz à effet de serre par les sols forestiers.

Ecosystem management of the forests of central Quebec

The deciduous forests of southern Quebec have been heavily impacted by centuries of human disturbances and now bear little resemblance to the forests initially encountered by European settlers. In the coming decades, the climate in this region is expected to change considerably, thus facilitating novel insect pest and disease attacks in these forests. However, not all forests are equally susceptible to these potential threats; certain forest types could prove more resilient than others.