Understanding the Mechanism of Probiotics for Human Health

DoseBiome has developed a new probiotic that targets several aspects of oral health: dental caries, periodontal diseases, and halitosis. This project aims to understand the exact mechanism of our probiotic's inhibitory properties against the pathogens associated with the above diseases. DoseBiome is a new start-up in the probiotic/microbiome health sector, and this project will allow for improved technology and manufacturing processes for our oral probiotic line.

Probiotics for Animal Health - neonatal and pre-weaned calf

This project aims to develop a novel collection of probiotics for animal health, specifically newborn and pre-weaned calves. Probiotics are a safe and sustainable way of ensuring the health of animals in the agricultural industry. The probiotics will be designed to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates in pre-weaned calves, and to increase the long-term health of the animal, which will directly affect production (both beef and dairy).

Cell Preservation Techniques for Novel Probiotics

The purpose of this project is to develop encapsulation technologies that enable probiotic cells to maintain their dormancy and shelf stability within new food products. The project covers a discovery, validation, and scale-up phase. It addresses the use of various materials to produce capsules of probiotics and formulation of different products using them. The outcome of this project will allow DoseBiome to formulate probiotics in different kinds of food with extended stability, shelf life, and potency for everyday consumers.