A Near Field System based on Modulated Scattering Technique for Microwave Tomography Application

Microwave tomography (MWT) is a relatively new imaging modality that uses electromagnetic radiation to illuminate an object. Using the scattered field by the object of interest, MWT reconstructs the image of the object. We have been doing research on this topic for a few years and we have successfully developed several computational-imaging algorithms and experimental tomography systems at our imaging lab of the University of Manitoba. In order to increase the accuracy of measurements and calibration procedure, we want to increase the number of probing sites in the system.

Enhancement of the FVTD Electromagnetics Solver for the Design and Optimization of MRI RF]Coils

This research will develop numerical modeling and optimization techniques for the design of radio-frequency (RF) coils used in Magntetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). These techniques will aid in the design of specific RF coils for interventional MRI procedures which impose unique and challenging demands on the RF coils's performance. The first step will be to enhance the current electromagnetic software that has been developed at the University of Manitoba (UofM) to allow the modeling of specialized circuitry found on MR RF coils.