Advanced Algorithms for Radiation Counting Instruments

Environmental Instruments Canada (EIC) designs and manufactures radiation detectors. Our instruments connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

Computational performance enhancement of hand-held spectrometer

The intern will enhance the functionality of a hand-held gamma spectrometer produced by Environmental Instrument Canada (EIC). In order to improve the performance of the spectrometer, the control board will be switched to a higher spec microcontroller, and the firmware source code will be re-written from interpreted Javascript to C code. New functionality, including energy calibration, background subtraction, peak identification, isotope identification and enhanced spectrum display on local LCD, will be implemented to the extent that the microcontrollers' resources allow.

Radiation Mapping from Aerial Data

The proposed project is focused on the development of software for accurate mapping of radiation levels on the ground using aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for data collection. The problem of accurate radiation mapping is crucial for handling emergency radiological incidents (e.g., on nuclear plants), monitoring national borders, operating nuclear mine sites, etc.

Design and Prove RightsEnforcer Cross-Platform Development Strategy and SDE

RightsEnforcer is a software system for Persistent Document Security, deployed and proven in the real world as a Windows-only client-server system. ‘Persistent’ information security controls access to the protected document, everywhere, always, and is therefore uniquely suited to be a dominant information security technology in ‘the Cloud’. But to thrive in the Cloud the RightsEnforcer client (more or less ‘end user app’) must be multi- or cross-platform, i.e.

Mobile Phone Based Ionizing Radiation Detector Optimization

The GammaGuard is the mobile application which the user can be used to detect radiation level by using detectors, in our research they are called CT 100 and CT007, or using mobile camera. The previous work was only focusing on the CT 007 which used the classic Bluetooth technology. In CT 100, the Bluetooth low energy is used for device connection. BLE requires lower energy and higher data transfer speed. The partner will design and implement the application for CT100 and merger it into the one only supports CT007 so that the user can choose between these two.

Enhancing Application Performance developed with HTML5 & JavaScript over unreliable, high latency and low bandwidth connections using Web Standards

This project investigates the use of Web Standards to enhance performance of HTML5 & JavaScript applications as a means to ensure rich engaging interactions for remote clients that are using low bandwidth connections with high latency and frequent interruptions.