Data Centre Waste Heat Recovery for District Energy Systems

Data centres generate a large amount of heat, from operating computers 24/7. This heat is normally wasted and released outside the data centre building. This research will determine the best way to capture the waste heat from a data centre and distribute it to other buildings in the area that require heating. The vessel for this distribution of heat will be a network of water pipes, just like an electrical grid distributes power to multiple buildings. The intern will provide insight on the equipment and system design required to capture the waste heat in an energy and cost efficient manner.

Power factor control in high voltage power supplies for microwave power amplifiers

EnWave is developing custom microwave power sources for their vacuum pressure dehydration microwave drying products. The custom microwave power sources are based on arrays of 1.2 kW magnetrons. The microwave power sources require high voltage power supplies in the range of 4 kV with supporting control circuits to adjust the output voltage. Each 1.2 kW magnetron has an independent power supply and a typical system consists of a bank of high voltage supplies.