Low Power Portable Integrated System for Miniaturized Sensors in CMOS

The project goal to advance the state of the art in Phase Locked Loop. Lowers the cost of the product and produces IP over and above the current state of the art and thereby giving ESS Technology a distinct competitive advantage in the market.

Investigation and creation of a hardware and software IP that can implement USB 2.0 Audio to I2S conversion

This project aims at designing and creating a hardware and software Intellectual Property that can implement USB to I2S conversion. I2S is an interface which is widely used for audio data transmission. With this design, audio data can be directly transmitted from USB interface to audio signal processing integrated circuits. ESS Technology is a leading semiconductor company specializing in offering comprehensive, multimedia solutions for audio and video applications.

A New Method of Designing a Clock Multiplier

This project aims to develop a new method to design clock frequency multipliers. This game-changing technology can overcome the limitations of conventional clock frequency multipliers and can potentially introduce a new paradigm in high-speed circuit design. Such novel technology will position ESS Technology as the leading semiconductor company specializing in the design of future-generation high-speed electronic devices. ESS Technology is currently expanding its R&D activities, and plans to build a strong design team based in Kelowna.