Mathematical Investigation of a Balance Metric using Hypergraphs: Part 2

This project is a continuation of last year’s project in which a backend system was design to calculate Fit Brains fitness index that is a way by which Fit Brains can assess clients’ progress. Now that the system has been designed it needs to be implemented, that is each game and database has to be assigned all appropriate description so client’s gaming patterns can be tracked. In addition we will examine if it is possible to find out what exactly makes some of Fit Brains game more popular than others.

Mathematical Investigation of a Balance Metric using Hypergraphs: Finding a Paper, Rock, Scissor-like relation between Game Scoring and Gaming Strategies

Fit Brains technology uses five classes in skill development that are loosely associated to certain regions of the brain. Together, these skill sets help define the human experience. It is also believed that increased fitness across these five classes can better a sense of wellness. Sometimes, incidental effects in game strategies have demonstrated that the point metric contributing to the fitness levels can be tampered with and can mislead the player in various ways.

Increasing the Number of Targeted Unique Visitors on by Using Contextual Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

Fit Brains is an online platform providing fun and entertaining games that exercise the five key cognitive areas of the brain. Since inception, the platform has attracted about 20,000 unique visitors per month. Although the number of visitors is reasonable, Fit Brains’ goal is to expand the platform to several millions interested in exercising their cognitive functions. Therefore, Fit Brains is exploring the use of contextual advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the number of targeted unique visitors.