Implementation and evaluation of a surface estimation algorithm to modify the control of ADAS features

Road departure is a critical factor in vehicle accidents, which could happen as a result of a driver’s impairment or lack of attention, or the road surface condition due to inclement weather. Therefore, it has been a high priority for the automotive industry to improve advanced systems for stability and path control. GM novel approach aims to use a control method to maintain a vehicle in the intended path during automated braking, while the deceleration and collision prevention is optimized.

Analysis of the e-bike dynamics and cyclist interaction with road vehicles that influence safety

The automotive industry has recognized electric bike use as an integral part of the urban mobility of the future. To promote mass adoption of the integration of electric bikes with cars, the user perception of safety has to be improved. The objective of the proposed study is to investigate how aerodynamics and anxiety levels of cyclists influence the interaction of cyclists with other road vehicles and the impact on safety. To achieve this objective, studies will be conducted under controlled conditions in a full-scale climatic wind tunnel. Field studies will also be conducted on urban roads.

Managing Collections of Models in Software Development

The proposal research concerns the creation of innovative tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of modeling in software development.  Specifically, the research will focus on three areas: how to express the relationships between models to make sure that models are properly synchronized with each other; how to express different variations within the model so that the same model can be used to produce software for different situations and how to express the intent (purpose) of a model so that it can be more easily understood and checked to make sure that it correctly satisfies its pu