Identification of potential resins in hemp fast pyrolysis oil

Hurd Solutions develops plant based materials to replace single-use petroleum based plastics. Hemp straw, a residue of hemp processing, is of particular interest to Hurd Solutions as it represents an underutilized value added product that would further reduce the environmental footprint of the hemp industry. This work will perform a comprehensive literature review of the work in phenolic resins from plant-based materials and suggest future directions/work. The py-oil is produced by ABRI-Tech Inc for Hurd Solutions (using hemp straw provided by Hurd Solutions) in a one tonne/d pyrolysis system.

Design Development for Prefabricated Building Components using Hemp and Lime

The intern will work with a multi-disciplinary research team from architecture, civil engineering, mechanical
engineering, biology, business development and materials research in the design development phase of a project
to create a bio-mass panel prototype from cellulose (hemp biomass). As the most abundant organic polymer on
the planet, cellulose is currently emerging as a sustainable material alternative to plastics and other non-recyclable