Investigating Spring Barley Mixtures for Ontario

The research project involves examining spring barley purelines and mixtures of purelines through yield trials at multiple locations across Ontario. The data from the trial will be analyzed with the appropriate analysis of variance, enabling Hyland Seeds to adapt the current barley breeding program to a program that selects the best barley mixtures. The benefits to Hyland Seeds will be a higher yielding, stable product that is novel to the Ontario feed barley market. It will limit seed saving as well as extend the life of products.

Developing an Analytical Tool to Classify Wheat Gluten Protein Quality for Breeding Programs

This project is in partnership with AFMNet. There are a number of common techniques used to evaluate wheat quality for food use in breeding programs, however they require large samples sizes (100 – 500 grams). Therefore, samples can only be evaluated at later stages of crossing (4th or 5th generation) when enough sample is available for testing. The proposed research will develop a technique to classify gluten protein quality at earlier stages of breeding with sample sizes as small as 20 grams. The tool that will be used for the study is known as a Gluten Peak Tester (GPT).