Sparse array photodetector in multiplexed confocal FLIM

Confocal microscopy is a specialized imaging technique that is used by universities and pharmaceutical companies to perform drug discovery. The research team developed a multiplexing technique that can improve the imaging speed by 1000 times. In this project, the team will develop customized versions of the instrument with different cameras to cater to specific customer needs. Success of the proposed development will significantly strengthen the technology and pave the path towards a Startup company to bring it to the market.

Development of ballistic/knife resistant composite panels for personal protective equipment (PPE)

In the wake of recent school shootings in U.S. and increasing gun crimes in Canada, parents consider taking additional measures to protect themselves and children safe. We aimed at the development/manufacture of affordable and flexible bullet/knife resistant backpacks for civilians. The backpacks could be used as a shield against bullets/knife to save life. Current available products are expensive and not affordable for everyone. Additionally, they are not flexible/comfortable for everyday use and lack protection against knife attacks.

A Wide Bandgap Based Step-up Power Converter With Enhanced Self-Reconfigurability for Medium Voltage Renewable Power Network

Wind and solar photovoltaic energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada, targeting to reach 10% of Canada’s total generation by 2040. Aligned with Canada’s energy transition, this research aims at developing a novel, highly efficient, compact, and reliable power electronics interfaces for high power renewable energy resources. The use of power electronics converters is an attractive solution to significantly reduce the weight and size of the step-up voltage conversion unit in today’s high power renewable energy systems.