Guide to Establishing an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA) Innovation Centre

This project aims to document the process that was undertaken to establish the first Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) Innovation Centre. This documentation will serve as a roadmap and assist in the establishment of future IPCA innovation centres across Canada and internationally. The establishment of IPCAs are essential if Canada hopes to protect biodiversity and ultimately achieve Target 1.

The people-nature nexus: Exploring relational values of sociocultural and biophysical ecosystem services in Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas

This research will explore the connections between nature and people in Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). These values will be articulated by identifying the ecosystem services (i.e. the goods and services provided to people by nature) and determining which of these hold significant cultural values. These values will be compared using a variety of existing ecosystem service valuation tools.

Developing an educational module for multi-stakeholder facilitation linking nature-based climate solutions and IPCAs

Six million people in rural and Indigenous communities in Canada face water insecurity and associated risks to ecosystem functioning and biodiversity loss. Many of these communities could benefit from the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBCS). One challenge in the widespread implementation of these solutions is appropriate knowledge-sharing pathways, particularly in rural and Indigenous communities. This project will use the principles of reconciliation to develop strategies for knowledge dissemination in local communities.

Healthy and Sustainable Housing in Indigenous Communities

Healthy and sustainable housing is a critical social determinant of health and well-being. In Indigenous communities, decades of ineffective government housing and land policy have created abysmal, often culturally inappropriate housing conditions. Through partnership with First Nations, we will explore and uncover solutions to answer these questions: What if we could co-create Indigenous homes to be sources of health, wealth and connection in tune with culture and the environment? How would that change things for future generations?