Modeling the Grid Impact of Long Haul Electric Vehicles (LHEVs) in Ontario

Electric Long Haul (LH) Transport Trucks may feature batteries that are 10 or more times the capacity of passenger electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Charging these enormous Trucks could put a major strain on our electric grid. Conversely, these massive batteries could offer valuable services and put power back onto grid at strategic times and places. A study will examine the potential grid impacts of LHEVs on the Ontario grid. Archetypal long-haul routes of existing transport patterns across Ontario will provide a foundation for the analysis.

Transactive Electric Distribution System

Electric power distribution systems physically connect the newer active transactive energy (TE) elements such as energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, and renewables to customer loads and electric supply from the transmission system. The proposal outlines a Transactive Electric Distribution System (TEDS) framework which enables the creation of a robust distribution system market in Canada and elsewhere.

Design for Situation Awareness in Future Power Grid Operations

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) coordinates electricity generation and transmission to ensure a reliable and stable electricity supply for the province of Ontario. Human operators monitor the power grid with the help of automated energy management systems. Increasing amounts of data, electricity demand, and renewable generation mean these operators need new tools to help them monitor and manage grid reliability. These tools include displays that consolidate data, support operator decision-making, and reduce the likelihood of human error.