COVID-19, Mental Health, and Racialized Women in the Workforce

This project explores the mental health impacts of COVID-19 on racialized women in the workforce in Ontario. As groups overrepresented in poverty rates, unemployment rates, and low-waged and precarious work prior to the pandemic, racialized women are more likely to experience poor or negative mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Despite being one of the most vulnerable groups in Canada during a worldwide mental health crisis, racialized women have yet to be the focus of any serious study related to mental health in the pandemic.

The effects of COVID-19 on inequality in Canada and abroad

The world is facing a global pandemic as COVID-19 disrupts and transforms the lives of those everywhere. It comes as no surprise that the closure of non-essential services to slow the spread of COVID-19 has devastated the economy and severely impacted the well-being of many. As the reality of COVID-19 begins to set, questions of who will bear the burden and how this will impact economic inequality arise.
This research explores the economic impacts of COVID-19 in Canada and abroad.