Closed-loop Design of Diquats for Use as Electrolytes in Redox Flow Battery Systems

Grid energy-storage is indispensable for balancing daily and seasonal fluctuations in the energy generation especially for renewable energy resources. Among several promising battery technologies, redox flow batteries, possess competitive advantage for large-scale grid-energy storage as their capacity is scalable, and their costs are dominated by the negative and positive electrolytes.

Exciton-Induced Aggregation in Novel Guest Emitters for wet-coated OLEDs

The promise of low-cost fabrication via “wet” processes, such as inkjet printing, in manufacturing flat panel displays and solid-state lighting has long been one of the main motivations behind the pursuit of Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLEDs). The vast majority of OLEDs in commercial products are still fabricated by costly “dry” vacuum-deposition methods however. A primary reason is the significantly lower electroluminescence (EL) stability of devices made by wet-coating in comparison to their vacuum-deposited counterparts.