Investigating the use of force sensing insoles for understanding running efficiency and power

This work will examine a novel “smart” insole that allows for the quantification of specialized running metrics and will compare the outputs with the gold-standard measure of metabolic work. The insoles work by collecting pressure data from many sensors embedded in the insole, and sending this to an phone app. We are comparing the insoles and their ability to model running power and economy both in the lab and in field conditions where factors that affect the work of running will change. This includes factors such as the running surface, grade, and external resistance.

Return to play algorithm development for lower extremity injury using the Kinetyx SI insole system

Current Return to Play (RTP) protocols for injured athletes tend to be either complicated and cumbersome (i.e., laboratory-based measurements), or qualitative and reliant on the subjective experience of a clinician (i.e., manual palpation or visual gauge of functional test). Thus, there is opportunity for a highly accurate, sensitive and quantitative tool that is affordable, wireless, and easy to use that will bridge the gap for RTP protocol. Kinetyx Sciences Inc. has developed pressure sensing insoles that they hope will achieve this goal. They are looking to partner with Dr.

Body pose estimation using Mocap data acquisition

Recent advances in wearable devices have allowed athletes to monitor some determinant factors of their sport performance. In addition, they can be used to develop real-time 3D avatars of people to compete with them during dynamic activities. Kinetyx recently developed insoles with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. These sensors can monitor the loading and kinematics of individuals during outdoor activities as well as identify the type of activity.

3D foot motion Kinetyx Sensor Validation

For this project, the intern will be assessing the ability of the Kinetyx Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to measure 3-dimensional foot orientation and running gait metrics in real time. Measurements will be collected both in and outside of the laboratory setting, in order to establish measurement validity for a variety practical applications. The insole imbedded IMUs will be validated against the Vicon optical motion capture system as well as the Bertec force plate treadmill system within the laboratory.

Activity recognition and workload estimation algorithm development using the Kinetyx SI insole system

Smart devices can allow active individuals to monitor their training workload in order to reduce injuries and improve performance. However, many devices are geared towards a single activity, which limits their impact. Kinetyx recently developed an insole with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. Using this insole, we will develop algorithms that identify different activities and provide feedback on the workload from those activities.