Modification chimique de Filament de cellulose pour le renforcement de composite

L'usine Kruger de Trois-Rivières produit divers dérivés de cellulose. Ces produits ont des propriétés de résistance mécaniques exceptionnelles, une densité faible (légère) en plus d'avoir une coloration relativement neutre. Nous obtiendrons ainsi à partir de ressources renouvelables, le bois, de nouveaux matériaux biosourcés. De plus, le procédé de fabrication est vert puisqu'il n'utilise aucun produit chimique ni enzyme et ne produit pas de rejet (rendement de 100%).

Systematic approach of equipment performance analysis using new Key Performance Indicators

The research proposal introduced is a development of a systematic method for evaluating the performance of Kraft process equipments from the point of 'view of energy, water and chemicals, using new and adapted key performance indicators. The objectives are (i) to develop new Key Performance Indicators adapted to the Kraft process operations and equipments to evaluate their performance regarding energy, chemicals and water utilization, (ii) to propose process improvement projects and validate their practicality with the mill engineers.

Development of a lignin biorefinery integrated into a Kraft pulp mill

Integrated lignin biorefineries present opportunities to increase the profitability of Kraft pulp mills through the diversification of product portfolio and improved sustainability. The purpose of this work is to develop optimized lignin biorefinery designs, which would be integrated into a Kraft pulp mill. A methodology combining process simulation, analysis and synthesis is proposed to achieve the purpose. Lignin acid precipitation process will be optimized in terms of chemical usage and yield and will be integrated into Kraft process.

Development of new enzymatic products for optimization of paper properties

Extractives and various polymers found in wood pulp have deleterious impacts on a number of industrial processes, as well as on papermaking productivity. Such impacts have to be considered too in the emerging field of biorefining (production or extraction of high value products from forest biomass). The main partner to this project (Buckman Canada) has successfully introduced enzymes to the paper industry, but would like to expand its offering to the forest industry as a whole.