Determining Aboriginal and Treaty Right Impacts in Regulatory Processes

This project will consider how impacts on Aboriginal and Treaty rights have been addressed in Environmental Impact Assessments and other regulatory processes in BC and Alberta. The impacts being assessed include destruction of areas important for hunting, fishing, trapping, or spiritual purposes, as well as prohibitions to accessing these and other types of important areas. This research will address a gap wherein the methods for determining such impacts are not always explicitly defined.

Impacts of Environmental Change on Subsistence Land Use

My internship focuses on the creation of a weighted scale that ranks different types of environmental disturbances, both natural (i.e. wildfires) and anthropogenic (i.e. seismic activity), by the level of transformation they incur in arctic tundra ecosystems. Currently, there is a lack of a widely used ranking system to help understand which types of environmental disturbances in the arctic are most severe.