Risk-Aware Decision Support Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Territorial Security

Robotic sensor networks (RSN) are increasingly applied to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). In such an application, a RSN is deployed to safe-guard some critical infrastructure (e.g., building, pipeline, etc.) in a secure and reliable fashion. By actively considering risk as a major driving force,  this project aims at deciding on the optimal configuration of an ensemble of robotic nodes, their data processing and information extraction mechanisms and the ways in which they can reconfigure themselves in order to respond to emerging threats and risks in the environment.

Online Risk-Driven Management Framework for Territorial Security in Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks

Small teams of mobile robots provide nowadays the ability to assist wireless sensor networks in many threatening scenarios that unexpectedly arise during their operational lifetime. The perceived risk or vulnerability that the network is exposed to triggers an immediate, corporate action from the robotic agents (actuators). We focus on a sort of robots which are able to carry static sensors and deploy them all over the field.