Do existing lending products of credit unions meet the financing needs of co-operatives - The case of Libro Credit Union and Ontario’s Co-operative Sector

Credit unions and co-operatives share a common identity and foundational values as organizations that meet the economic, social, and cultural needs of their member-owners. A perennial concern for the credit union and co-operative sectors has been the need to identify opportunities for collaboration to advance the prominence of member-owned models. This research surveys and interviews co-operatives in Southwestern Ontario to understand their financing needs, and to identify why existing financial products do not meet these needs.

Implementation of the Engagement Score of Libro Credit Union’s Owners

Libro Credit Union wants to improve the Owners’ (customers) financial experience engaging them actively through the institution’s initiatives. Therefore, Libro is dedicating efforts to objectively measure which initiatives have a greater impact on the owner’s engagement; so they can have better insights into their audiences and can ensure best-served owners with tailored initiatives.