Swiss-Roll Mixed Reactant Fuel Cell Chemistries

The project proposes to explore a series of alkaline chemistries in a novel Swiss-roll mixed reactant fuel cell (MRFC).The Swiss-roll MRFC is a recently developed fuel cell architecture which promises to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of scaling up fuel cell systems to commercially viable power supplies. The Swiss-roll MRFC concept has been proved with borohydride fuel, but as the borohydride system is limited in terms of commercial application, it is necessary to explore other fuels.

Development and characterization of catalyst electrodes for electrochemical reduction of CO2

Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide (ERC) is a process by which carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted into valuable chemical products via chemical reactions driven by electricity. The goal of this project is to fabricate and test catalytic metal electrodes to increase the efficiency of ERC reactors converting carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust gas streams into formic acid.

Swiss-roll mixed reactant fuel cell: design advancements and scale-up

The Ph.D. intern will be involved in the engineering scale-up of an innovative mixed-reactant fuel cell technology pioneered at the University of British Columbia. The proposed technology provides a simpler, cheaper and more compact design compared to conventional fuel cells. The partner organization, Mantra Energy Alternatives, will benefit greatly from the proposed project because it will provide an integrated and essential component to their carbon dioxide conversion and alternative energy generation strategy.

Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide in a trickle-bed reactor

The Ph.D. intern will be involved in the research and development of improved CO2 electroreduction catalysts aimed at enhancing the commercial feasibility of a novel Canadian technology proprietary to the partner organization, Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. The ultimate goal is to convert CO2 emissions from industrial sources into value-added products (e.g. formate) using Mantra’s trickle-bed electrochemical reactor.