The Implications of Blockchain Technology on Privacy, Regulation, and Public Policy

The goal of this research project is to understand how private, blockchain-based enterprises best engage and understand current Canadian regulation on data privacy. Policy is created at many different levels of government and it can be difficult for companies to be aware of the specific requirements needed to comply with regulation. This project will ask how do tech companies situate themselves amid provincial and federal privacy regulations? What are the best practices for handling contradictions in regulation?

Evaluation of a Blockchain-Based Identity Management System: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study Approach

This research project will suggest guidelines that can be used by practitioners to formally represent the business benefits of blockchain. The business benefits focused on in this study are the increased financial value and the improved productivity. Formal methods will be applied to communicate these business benefits in unambiguous ways. Specifically, financial methods will be applied to quantify the financial value and conceptual modeling methods will be used to model the business processes related to the blockchain technology.