Model for improving customer satisfaction and determining customer choice for maintenance in the automotive industry

In this fast-growing world, customer satisfaction and service quality are the two important concepts that companies must understand to withstand the market and grow. In today’s competitive environment, delivering high-quality service is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Our company is proposing a model that will help improve customer satisfaction, which will impact the customer’s choice to choose their service provider. A team of undergraduate students will be responsible for the research conducive to the design and selection of the model framework.

Identifying Service Quality Considerations and Market Forces in the Mobile Auto Repair Business

Humankind has always been creative in evolving and adapting to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. One of the common problems most of us face is vehicle maintenance. This service overlaps with work schedules and requires pick-up and drop arrangements. Our company proposes Mobile Auto Repair that provides customers with their vehicle maintenance performed at their preferred location and time by the certified mechanics. This project will aim to identify barriers that mobile auto repair businesses face while launching in Canada.