The Development and Implementation of a Cumulative Effects Management System in Metlakatla Territory

The proposed research is the second phase in the development of a strategic resource management system with the Metlakatla First Nation. Metlakatla are developing a cumulative effects management (CEM) program to deal with the combined impacts of numerous major industrial projects proposed in Metlakatla traditional territory on British Columbia’s North Coast. Phase 1 of the of the CEM program focused on identifying and assessing the condition of high-priority Metlakatla valued components (e.g., butter clams, housing supply).

Strategic Planning for Cumulative Impact Assessment in Metlakatla Territory

The proposed research program is a planning process that will help to enable the Metlakatla Development Corporation to meaningfully participate in regional development. There are 29 major projects proposed in the traditional territory of the Metlakatla First Nation and these projects will have significant costs and benefits. The current project-based cumulative effects assessment as required in environmental assessment legislation is not able to adequately address potentially significant environmental and socioeconomic changes that accumulate from individual projects.