Effectiveness of a Compassion Fatigue Reduction Workshop in Reducing Compassion Fatigue at Mount Sinai Hospital

Healthcare professionals treating trauma patients can vicariously experience trauma from long term exposure to suffering, resulting in compassion fatigue. The impact of compassion fatigue on the psychological well-being of healthcare workers is detrimental, decreasing patient care and retention of healthcare providers. In an effort to reduce compassion fatigue, Mount Sinai Hospital has implemented a 4-hour workshop for employees to increase professional’s knowledge of compassion fatigue and improve worker’s skills for dealing with stress in the workplace.

A new approach to the assessment and evaluation of technical skills

Surgical education has changed dramatically over the last 15 years as traditional “time served” approaches have given way to objective assessments of efficiency. These assessments are very resource intensive and require a greater level of training for the educators and evaluators. Furthermore they often do not provide timely, meaningful feedback to the trainees. To overcome these difficulties, the Surgical Skills Centre (SSC) at Mount Sinai Hospital is seeking to improve the efficiency of the assessment process and concurrently better integrate feedback into surgical education.