Structural Health Monitorring of Bonded Composite Joints

The goal of this internship is to support a project that the NRC has undertaken upon the request of the Department of National Defence to improve the understanding of bonded composite joints specimens and to evaluate the capabilities of existing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technologies as they apply to the CH-149 helicopters or other aging aircraft. To achieve this, a literature review will be carried out. A plan for further testing, analysis and modelling will be developed with the intention of filling the gaps in public knowledge discovered during the literature review.

Demonstrations of the Hybrid Control concept for reducing vibration and noise on helicopters and wind turbines

Smart Rotor Systems Inc. (SRS) is a new Ottawa-based start-up company, whose product is a novel active control system for the reduction of vibration or noise on rotary wing applications, i.e. on helicopters and wind turbines. Mitigation of vibration and noise is a hot topic in both these sectors nowadays, attracting plenty of attention from both manufacturers and operators. SRS has the competitive edge in owning the Intellectual Property (IP) of the first ever electrically driven Active Pitch Link (APL) as well as for the concept of the control system driving it.