A Microfluidic Biosensor for Monitoring Post-Operative Drainage Fluid

Anastomotic Leakage is a common complication that can occur shortly after surgery and lead to increased mortality rates if it is detected too late. The current method of detection relies on monitoring clinical symptoms and visual inspection of the surgical drain fluid, but this process is often delayed and reactive. NERv Technology Inc. is dedicated to developing a system that can continuously monitor the contents of the drain output for a long period of time (i.e. ~ 10 days), and provide early detection of key biomarkers that indicate anastomotic leakage.

A flexible non-enzymatic lactate sensor with long shelf life to detect anastomotic leaks post-surgery

Development of leaks in abdominal cavity following surgery cause acute complications that have a high mortality rate and lead to expensive corrective procedures. These leaks are mostly detected following the development of complications as currently there is no method for their early detection and hence timely intervention which can save lives is not possible. In this aspect, lactate is a crucial bio-marker that is excreted from the leak site prior to the development of a full breach and hence its monitoring will lead to early detection of such leaks.