Advanced Thermal Solutions for Telecom Systems Synopsis

This project is a collaboration between NORSAT International Inc. and Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC) at SFU to commercialize novel and efficient cooling solutions for NORSAT ATOM series BUCs and SSPAs. NORSAT amplifiers are typically 15-20% efficient meaning up to 85% of the applied electrical power is dissipated as heat. The heat is removed by means of several ways in the current design e.g. heat sinks, heat pipes, and fans which is about 50% of the amplifier size.

AI based Pointing and Tracking for Satcom Terminals

Aimed at maximizing the antenna signal of the satellite communication (Satcom) terminal in a satellite system, positioning and tracking methods based on AI are studied in this project. This proposal focuses on the issue of a satellite’s pointing and tracking for a stationary Satcom terminal.

Digital Controlled Load-Modulated Analog Predistorter for GaN High-Power Amplifiers

In Satellite communication, the energy consumption of the transmitter and receiver are of great importance, since high power needs to be transmitted from earth stations and satellite transponders to allow the information to travel large distances. The power amplifier as a last stage in the transmitter is the most energy hungry component and making it more energy efficiency would reduce the overall energy consumption of the system.