Work improvement for the manual heavy structural workstations by using dynamic value stream mapping

The goal of the proposed research project is to improve the work productivity for the partner company (Ocean Steel) by identifying bottlenecks accurately in the steel fabrication workstations. This work included evaluating the current applied solutions in order to resolve the same problems encountered with Ocean Steel, which was done by conducting a literature review. However, many of the solutions that were found were not applicable to the Ocean Steel case, meaning that some improvement is required).

Work Improvement and Data Analytics for Industrial Steel Fabrication

Work improvement is critical for performance increase in business environments. It is used to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the manufacturing and other production processes, and to improve work performance by removing non-value-added activities. To conduct work improvement, the Lean Manufacturing concept is often used along with the Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a tool for visualizing the production processes and productivity metrics.

An Integrated Decision Support Framework for Off-site Construction Supply Chain

Energy generation and industrial fabrication produce almost 50% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, industrial fabrication is one of the major contributors to global warming. This has led to an increasing need for environmentally friendly practices that focus on reducing fabrication time and waste. Digital simulation is a great decision-support tool that helps in analyzing waste in processes and investigating improvements in complex manufacturing projects.