Lake Melville Oceanography Study

The research will establish a hydrodynamic numerical model of the forces which exert influences on the circulation and the residence time (amount of time water spends in a given body of water) of Lake Melville, Labrador. The study seeks to understand the water properties in the lake, and how the development of nearby hydroelectric projects and climate change affect the oceanography of the lake.

Effect of exposure to hydrocarbons on reproductive functions in select marine organisms

The partner organization, Oceans Ltd, offers diagnostic services to detect and monitor the effects of environmental contaminants on marine ecosystems, mainly using fish as biomonitoring tools. The company wishes to seize an opportunity for capacity building and diversification by exploring new bioindicator technologies based on the effects of hydrocarbons on the reproduction of marine invertebrates. The Mercier Laboratory will provide key expertise on the general biology and reproduction of marine invertebrates, which will be instrumental in exploring this avenue.