Subsurface Mapping and 3D Reconstruction of Silurian Clinton-Medina Groups, Southwestern Ontario

The Silurian age Clinton-Medina Groups is a succession of sedimentary rocks found across Ontario, in outcrop and in the subsurface. The history of the stratigraphy is complex, and therefore confusion exists relating the stratigraphy regionally in the subsurface across Ontario. The Clinton-Medina Group formations are important for Ontario’s energy sector, providing petroleum resources from natural gas pools found in Eastern Lake Erie.

Regional Variation and Geologic Controls on the Porosity and Permeability of the Silurian Lockport Group, southwestern Ontario

The Lockport Group is a succession of carbonate rocks that subcrops in southwestern Ontario. It is of great interest as a source of potable water at shallow depths in Wiarton-Guelph-Hamilton area, of production of oil/natural gas and storage of natural gas and as a hydrochemical indicator interval for potential disposal of nuclear wastes in the deep subsurface. Recently, the Oil, Gas and Salt Resouces (OGSR) Library has published a database of over 28,000 analyses of porosity and vertical and horizontal permeability from 491 wells.