Exploratory Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Detection Using Eye Scans

Optina Diagnostics works on detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using hyperspectral eye imaging techniques. This project was an exploratory analysis of data gathered by Optina so far in order to optimize and fit models to most effectively predict cases. Recommendations from the analysis were then handed over to Optina for future work.

Development of a clinical protocol for the validation of a detection test for ??amyloid aggregates in retinal scan images.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is difficult to detect early before apparent manifestations of cognitive decline. Current detection methods rely on expensive and hardly accessible imaging techniques (PET scans). Optina Diagnostics developed a new camera as well as innovative image processing methods to propose a non-invasive test to identify the presence of AD biomarkers in evaluated individuals. The objective of this collaborative effort is to develop a clinical protocol to test this new technology.