Data collection to support an oyster aquaculture development area

The Nova Scotia Municipality of Argyle is exploring the potential of establishing the province’s first shellfish Aquaculture Development Area (ADA) in Lobster Bay. If an ADA is approved, individual site and lease applications benefit from an expedited licensing process. Spatial marine planning is required for ADA approval and must consider oceanographic data, ecological data, and stakeholder interests. Data that exist are often housed in multiple platforms. Extensive collection, consolidation and assessment is required to identify data gaps.

Integration of Machine Learning and AI Based Optimization from IoT Datastreams and Business Information Systems

Internet of things (IoT) includes of multitude of sensors from a wide variety of applications. These sensors produce high volume and high velocity data. Recently there has been much interest in application of such technologies to improve agricultural practices. The sensors that are installed in the field transmit real time data regarding numerous environmental variables of interest. This data is then used to forecast a future state and to make a well informed business/operation decision according to an expected future state.