Spatial Sentiment Visualization for Text Data

Large numbers of online comments about a public consultation from citizens makes it difficult for decision-makers on public projects. To clarify various cognitions of participants is important. But reading through all comments, especially long ones, is unrealistic due to the high cost. An example dataset is 974 comments about whether residents support a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax from PlaceSpeak. This brings out the need for text analysis.

Evaluation of Online Urban Futures Survey for Metro Vancouver

This project will expand upon the underlying research conducted with the 2012 Urban Futures Survey of Greater Vancouver. The intern will evaluate a survey that was the third similar survey approximately 20 years apart to inform planning policies in the Metro Vancouver region. The last survey, in 2012, used an online consultation platform instead of the previous face-to-face and/or telephone methods. This technology utilized was the PlaceSpeak public participation GIS, which authenticated respondents online to their physical address.

Online public consultation in the property development industry

Over the years, the methodology for public consultation has evolved to include public information meetings and hearings, telephone polls and surveys, and most recently online engagement. Increasingly, government is emphasizing evidence-based decision-making. They recognize that existing methods are lacking in reaching a broad demographic. Internet communication technology has made it possible to reach a broader spectrum of the public. However, until recently, that interaction has been anonymous and anecdotal at best.