Performance Based Seismic Design Guidelines for Sprayed-FRP Retrofitted Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

The proposed study will develop seismic design guidelines for retrofitting deficient concrete bridge columns with sprayed fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). Seismically deficient bridge columns (with different aspect ratios and transverse reinforcement ratios) retrofitted with composites will be tested under reverse cyclic loading. The tests will determine various damage states in terms of strain and drift.

Improved prediction models for concrete confined with various composites: experimental and numerical investigation

The proposed research project will investigate the damaged and undamaged concrete columns of different aspect ratio confined with various types of FRP composites under repeated compression loading. From the observed data, the load-deformation hysteresis of the specimens will be correlated to numerical models and a generalized constitutive model will be proposed. Durability study will be also conducted on various types of FRP-confined circular concrete columns under severe environmental exposure, for example, wetting/drying and freeze-thaw cycles.