Stochastic inversion of geophysical and petrophysical data to develop an integrated 5-8 Block Model

This project aims at exploiting existing geophysical and petrophysical data to develop an integrated geological model of the 5-8 block of the Raglan mine in Northern Quebec. In contrast to previously conducted analysis of individual datasets, a weighted stochastic inversion of combined datasets will be conducted. Determining the synergies between the diverse rock parameters will lead to improved knowledge about the geometry and material properties of the 5-8 block. Ultimately, this will result in enhanced metal recovery and economic benefits to the Raglan mine and the greater community.

The Raglan Community Social Involvement (CSI) Project: Developing a Comprehensive Model with Inuit Partners

Raglan Mine is developing new, strategic and aligned approaches to its Community Social Involvement (CSI) program. The aim of this program is to partner with others to deliver long lasting value through programs of capacity building, and community social and economic development. This proposed research project involves further developing a comprehensive Community Social Involvement (CSI) model that responds to the needs and desires of both Raglan Mine and the villages of Nunavik.