Remediating the AIDS Archive: Networks of AIDS Video Activism

From its particular focus on HIV/AIDS, Remediating the AIDS Archive looks to historical methods of activist information-sharing through filmmaking and film festivals. This project is not simply historical in nature, however. It also interrogates the ways in which the history of HIV/AIDS is remembered through LGBT2Q+-based cultural representation, the ways in which the HIV/AIDS crisis persists today, and the ways in which media activism continues to address the crisis. To do this, the project uses archival research about the history of four Canadian LGBT2Q+ film festivals.

The Social Ecology of Digital Archiving in Queer Arts Spaces

Like many LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community organizations, Reelout Arts Project Inc.
provides resources to people who experience social or geographic isolation – particularly through their
annual film festival and community film library. For these resources to reach broad audiences, however, they
must be able to connect with those who are searching for relevant material. The success of search results
has much to do with the organization of information online: the ways in which resources are described,
compiled, and presented to users.