Operational and Strategic Plan Development of an Accelerator in the Technological Innovation for Health Care sector1.3. Academic Discipline:[ Y ]Business

The proposed project is to research the steps needed to take in order to build and sustain an accelerator/incubator in the health care sector, which will provide core processes and steps to the partner organization. The following steps would be undertaken:

o Analysis of other successful incubators/accelerators in the health care space.

o Partnership wish list.

o Strategic plan

o Operational management plan

o Benchmark and KPIs for continuous analysis and performance evaluations

Clinical Assessement Tool of Surgical Procedure Effectiveness in Treating Urinary Incontinence

This research project aims to develop a clinical assessment tool that can aid physicians to predict or improve surgical procedure effectiveness for women who suffer from Urinary Incontinence (UI). UI is an epidemic disease that involves loss of bladder and urethral sphincter control to hold urine. It is mainly due to factors including aging, obesity, nervous failure, muscle relaxation due to childbirth or medications intake, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, failing urethral sphincter and smoking.