Improving Productivity in Bioreactors through control of foaming and cell heterogeneity

Heterogeneity of cell populations is a common occurrence in bioreactor operations (Lara et al., 2006) and is typically caused by processing of cell cultures in vessels of varying sizes and process conditions and by deficient mixing. Most bioreactor research deals with average conditions of the cell population with respect to quantities such as dissolved oxygen and extracellular nutrient level, while these averages actually correspond to very different distributions of individual cell growth and productivity.

Implementation of an adventitious agent assay by HTS

Manufacturing of consistently high quality products is the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this, new products must be thoroughly tested and the results must meet government-approved product specifications. Improving existing and adopting improved analytical technologies for product testing ensure the production of safe and effective products. This is particularly critical for the manufacturing of vaccines and biologics which, relative to small molecular drugs, are more susceptible to contamination by viral or microbial adventitious agents.

Effect of influenza vaccination with high-dose antigen on geriatric population

Vaccination is an important preventive measure against influenza infection during both seasonal epidemics and pandemic outbreaks. This research aims to evaluate the health benefits and costs associated with a new vaccine developed by Sanofi for seasonal influenza. This vaccine provides better efficacy and higher protection for individuals over 65 years of age. The vaccine is expected to reduce severe illness and hospitalization in this age group.

Pharmacodynamic distribution of docetaxel andcabazitaxel in prostate cancer xenografts, and evaluation of pantoprazole to enhance their activity

Chemotherapy drugs target and kill rapidly-dividing cells located closest to blood vessels, but do not penetrate deep into the tumor. Limited drug distribution in tumors is an important cause of drug resistance. A method to increase tumor drug delivery and combat resistance is the subject of this proposal. To counteract chemotherapy resistance, the use of an ulcer medication (pantoprazole) is being investigated. The objective of this proposal is to determine the drug effect of cabazitaxel using biomarkers that indicate where in the tumor a drug is working.