Understanding Event-based Interactions in Enterprise Web Applications

JavaScript is widely used today to create interactive web applications that replace many traditional desktop applications. However, understanding the behaviour of web applications is a challenging endeavour for developers. Despite its importance and challenges, there is currently not much research dedicated to supporting program comprehension for web applications and popular industrial tools, such as Firebug and Chrome DevTools, are limited in their capabilities to support web developers effectively.

Visual Histories of Decision Processes for Business Intelligence

In contemporary professional work, particularly groupwork, knowing what has been done, and why it was done, is often crucial to a project's success. Further, an important aspect of organizational memory is the shared history of project work (successful and unsuccessful both). Yet, most work and project management software provide only minimal tools for supporting review, reflection and reporting of such histories. The goal of this research project is to devise, prototype and test dynamic visual histories and linked repositories for collaborative decision making.