Rapid Digital Twin and Ontology Builder for Buildings

Schneider Electric (SE) is developing their EcoStruxure Building Operations (EBO) system as a next generation Building Management System (BMS) that will combine data collected from the building into a Smart Digital Model (“Digital Twin”) that will be able to answer building users’ questions. This project will develop the tools necessary to develop such a Digital Twin, including defining its capabilities, identifying the information required to achieve the required functionality (including data formats and organizational structure), and developing a working prototype for a reference building.

Hybrid Microgrid System sizing and energy management based on data analysis and load profile

Research and development efforts in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies are required to continue for, improving their performance, establishing techniques for accurately predicting their output and reliably integrating them with other conventional generating sources. The objective of this project is to model a hybrid power system for buildings, which is technically feasible and economically optimal.

Microgrid’s Performance Modeling & Optimization Method Based on Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence

With the maturity of renewable energy technology in recent years, micro-network has become an ideal power supply solution to the remote villages and islands. Recently, researchers have tried to reduce the cost of the system based on ideal assumptions. However, the factors that actually affect the system life cycle cost are varied. Including the control of the system, the maintenance mode of the system, the geographical factors of the power station and the configuration of the system will greatly affect the cycle cost of the whole system.

Diesel Generators with PhotoVoltaic (PV) Co-Generation

This project aims to develop an optimal method of integrating Photovoltaic plants into Microgrid with Diesel generators. It is expected to achieve high quality, high efficiency, and low cost of power generation by the introduction of renewable power source and its control system. Although existing researches have provided quite a lot of references for this renewable generation topic, it is the first time we look into the detail of the integration method from an economic aspect of view.