The Relationship between Live Chemistry Show Characteristics and Their Effect on Science Museum VisitorsÂ’ Attitude to Chemistry

Accessible, high-quality science education is central to positively shaping public opinion of science. Public perceptions and understandings of chemistry have often been associated with negative attitudes, misconceptions about the nature of chemicals, and sometimes misdirected anxieties about their effects on humans. These negative images are compounded by the fact that chemistry is under represented in science museums compared to the other major sciences.

Development and Assessment of Modalities for Adult Science Engagement at Science World

Scientific literacy and life-long scientific education is becoming increasingly important for everyday life in our society. One of the mediums through which the public can find accessible information on science and technology advancements is their local science centre such as Science World. Science World would like to increase their adult-oriented content by 2020 and support me in assessing which modalities are most effective at educating, engaging and entertaining adult audiences.