Dynamic Network Management and Performance Optimization for Smart Talk Beacon’s security architecture

Internet of things (IoT) systems require significant management related to external intrusions, internal threats, device failures, access management, and performance monitoring. In addition to network management issues, quality of service (QoS) must be maintained to predict changes and determine device and network performance. A good IoT system should be able to identify, track, and mitigate problems while dynamically adjusting its operation.

End-to-End Vulnerability Analysis of a No-Trust IoT Security Ecosystem

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) combine communication and information technology functions to the physical components of a system for purposes of monitoring, controlling, and automation. The power grid is becoming one of the largest CPS, where grid components are controlled based on the synergies in the cyberspace. CPS hold a great promise to improve the efficiency and productivity of numerous sectors in Canada and around the world.

Validation Techniques for an Application Program Interface for Artificial Intelligence Agents Operating on an Internet of Things

This research project will aid in the creation of safe networks of wireless devices, such as security cameras. Computer software using artificial intelligence will watch the networks for problems with the devices or misuses of the networks. In particular, this project will discover ways to ensure that the networks are compatible with the right kind of artificial intelligence software.