Developing and Implementing Governance and Algorithms for the PATH (Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare) Platform

The successful implementation of advanced technologies for sensor-based, ambient assisted living (AAL) in the homes of older adults is a complex challenge.

PATH: Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare – Edmonton site

The intern will undertake research to develop and provide a testing and optimization platform that will accelerate the availability of smart systems for home healthcare for seniors’ and for people with disabilities. The research will contribute to more successful outcomes and useful products from early-stage innovation activities that lead to social, public and private good benefits. The partner organization will benefit through access to novel application programming interfaces and homecare devices that will be developed by leading Canadian scientists, fellows and highly qualified students.

PATH: Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare

Most people would like to continue living in their own homes as they age. A new ecosystem is needed to enable home health technologies to be developed, tested and successfully commercialized. This will require a program that provides a low-cost way for developers to test their products before introduction to the market. Therefore, in our Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare (PATH), the intern will develop a novel versatile connection protocol that will connect different devices and sensors to a single hub.