Towards Efficient Splog Detection via Local Web Graph Analysis

The aim of the current project is to research ways of dynamically “crawling” the Internet to collect enough information to be able to make a confident conclusion of whether a particular wep-page or blog is spam. This is proposed to be done by continually maintaining a `backbone' subset of the set of all web pages containing the pinging blogs and trusted websites, and doing a minor crawl based on the web page that is to be analyzed.

Algorithm for Robust Spam Blog Detection

In the world of today’s internet, ‘web notifications’ are becoming increasingly common. As opposed to a traditional search which is executed once against entered keywords, a web notification search is performed on a regular or continual basis, keeping track of available information changes in real time. The user is then notified once an item of interest appears on-line. Notification services receive continuous pings from blogs which inform of updates.