Estimating Battery Key Performance Indicators and Forecasting Battery State-of-Health Using Machine Learning and Neural Networks Techniques

SOTI Inc. is a Canadian company providing control and management for mobile devices. Insight Agent is a product made by SOTI to help collect various battery specifications such as battery level, voltage, current and other metrics from mobile devices. This research project aims to use a machine learning and neural networks framework to predict the state-of-health for batteries in mobile devices. The intern will use the metrics collected by SOTI Insight Agent to derive formulas to calculate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the battery system.

SSL Offloading Prototype

SOTI MoblControl is an enterprise mobllity management solution that secures and manages, mobile devices and the mobile data across all endpomts. To ensure end-to-end security, MobiControl encrypts all
communication between the MobiControl Manager and the Deployment Server uslng Secure Socket layer (SSL). The SSL Is a cryptographic protocol that is use widely for secure communication. The process of the encryption and the decryption In the SSL require considerable computation power. Specially in a situation of handling a large number of devices.

Tizen OS Support for SOTI MobiControl Interoperability

In this project, we propose to expand support of SOTI's MobiControl (MC) to Tizen Operating System. SOTI MobiControl has assisted numerous enterprises to overcome the management issues due to lack of security and improve business performance by monitoring the health and safety of employees, and increasing productivity, with the introduction of wearables and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Express Scripting Technology: Scratch for SOTI SNAP and IoT

SOTI has developed a software product called SOTI SNAP that is designed to allow anyone to create an app with no programming or technical knowledge. SOTI SNAP allows users to drag and drop widgets onto a canvas and connect them together to create an app. Apps generated with SOTI SNAP have cross platform capabilities, they can run on Android and iOS based devices. Currently SNAP apps that require programming logic, must use JavaScript, but using JavaScript requires technical skills.