Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19 Isolation Policies on Public Wellness using IoT - A Public Health and Work from Home Perspective

Social isolation is having a significant impact on the quality of life, physical activity, and sleep patterns of our population. While self-isolation and social distancing provide the most successful method for limiting the progression and spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, we often overlook the impact of these rules on our population.

Countermeasures for Hardening Embedded Security

The impact of attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) embedded devices range from threatening lives, such as attacks on wearable/implantable health devices, to threatening infrastructures in financial, transportation, and other sectors. In the IoT realm, hardware is distributed and embedded in our environment and must be hardened against malicious intentional and unintentional attack. Despite advances in hardening software systems using security fixes, attacks on embedded hardware remain feasible with few known defenses.